Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mexican Bridal Shower

On Sunday, my aunt and uncle threw a bridal shower for my little sister. 

It was Mexican themed, which is obviously the greatest shower idea ever. 

We had enchiladas, fajitas, tacos, and quesadillas...among other things. Of course there was lots of dessert, too. It was all absolutely delicious and we ate until we couldn't move. Duh. 

The happy couple. 

Homemade beef and chicken enchiladas. 


Homemade salsa and queso dip. 

I love candid shots. 

My dad getting the evil eye from my mom. 

My little sister...all grown up!

It's so weird when your little sister is growing up and getting married. Life just flies by! I love days like this where I am reminded to fervently cherish every single second of this precious life!

Hope y'all had a great Memorial Day weekend!

Love, love!!

PS: I'm over at Lauren's blog today talking about my wedding! Reeeeead it. : )

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Marry Me

Remember how I said I was going to visit my best friends this weekend?? 

Well, the most wonderful thing happened. One of my best friends, Shannon, got engaged! 

Here's the story: Shan's boyfriend wanted to throw her a surprise "going to grad school" party. So all of her friends gathered together at a friend's house prepared to surprise her. Little did we know, WE were the ones in for the surprise. When they pulled up to the party, we all hid in the carport to yell "SURPRISE!" Except Shannon came running up to us, holding up her ring, yelling, "I'm engaged!" It was the most wonderful thing in the world and there was a lot of screaming and hugging. Then we preceded to pig out on fresh fruit, sugarless oatmeal raisin cookies, and tofu avocado dip...because everyone is doing the fast, remember?? It was surprisingly delicious. 

I actually forgot my new camera. #iwassomad  Thank goodness for instagram on my phone!

The precious couple. 

Absolutely amazing ring. 

Happy, happy, happy. 

So thrilled for our Shanny baby. 

A reenactment, of course. Notice babycakes in the background. : )

Shan has a blog, so I'll let her share the actual engagement story and more of the pictures. Check it out here if y'all are interested. She should be posting about it in the next day or two. Tell her congrats and leave her some love! : )

We are off to church and then my sister has a bridal shower today! 

Hope y'all had a great weekend!

Love, love!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Babies Galore

I'm headed to the most magical place on Earth today. 

No, not Disney. 

It's the land where all my best friends live! Hooray!! We are meeting up for lunch and I literally cannot wait. I need some serious girl time and some serious baby time. Here are the precious faces I am going to see: 

The "sweet" baby girls. ; )

Precious baby Andrew...the lone ranger in the family of girls. 

Callie girl...the happiest baby in the world!

And of course I'll be seeing my best friends, too. But they aren't as cute as the babies. ; )

Now do y'all see why I have some major baby fever going on?? I'm surrounded by pure adorable-ness!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Love, love!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Said What?

Do y'all use Google Analytics? I do. I love it. 

Yes, I admit that I'm a total creeper who likes to see how many page views and visitors I get each day. 

A little while back, two of my favorite bloggers (Jenni and Rissy) posted about the keywords that people used to find their blogs. Keywords being words that someone types into a search engine that lead them to your blog. Their lists were quite hilarious and I finally got around to looking at mine. Y'all. I laughed for at least an hour. I kept saying to my husband, "Can you believe that someone typed that and it led to my blog?" Apparently he didn't really care. He just nodded and kept watching Criminal Minds. He didn't even crack a smile. #realpeople

So without further delay, here are the funniest/weirdest/creepiest keywords that led people to my blog:

1) "How to make your wife a stepford" - obviously this came from my Stepford Wives post, but I am seriously ticked that some guy searched this. It better not have been you, husband. 

2) "Granny panty game" - this one totally made me laugh! No, people, I don't wear granny panties, but we did have a game with them at my lingerie shower

3) "I hope that I know your husband" - oh really, do you? Well, I kinda hope that you don't know my husband. #yousoundlikeahooker #kthanksbye 

4) "Bad wife best huge" - .......huh??

5) "Dear husband, how are you feeling" - he is feeling fine. Thanks. I think. 

6) "Grannie pantie cake" - again with the granny panties??? Dang, I didn't realize that they were so in demand. Want your blog to get famous? Blog about granny panties people. (Please spell it right, though!)

7) "I don't cook or clean" - hey now, I take offense to this. I certainly do clean. I just don't cook. Rude. 

8) "Megan from across the pond" and "Michaela Noelle" - I'm not lying, y'all. People really googled these blog celebrities and somehow ended up on my blog. I love having famous friends. : )

9) "My husband is out of the closet" - I have no words for this one. My husband is hetero. Promise. 

10) "These are my crayons, there are other crayons, but these are mine" - no. clue. Maybe when Peas & Crayons guest posted for me on the These Three Things series? This person needs to learn to share. 

If y'all have Google Analytics, I highly encourage y'all to check out your keywords. SO FUNNY. If y'all don't, add it. Duh. 

Every post needs a picture:

My niece feeding her horse. Don't all horses eat apples and chocolate?

Love, love!!

PS: Wanna know who is doing my series tomorrow? Hint: I think she has a very bright future and I wish her a beautiful wedding! : ) Tell me who y'all think it is in the comments. Ten points to whoever gets it right!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Get It Gurrrrrrl

Yesterday I was going through my iPhone pictures and videos and stumbled across this fabulous little gem. This video was taken one day when I was with my college besties and we were putting my wedding invitations together. We were gluing bows to the invitations and just having way too much fun. It totally put a smile in my heart and I wanted to share it with y'all!

The younger baby sitting on the table is my niece, Savannah. She is my best friend Melissa's daughter. The twins are the daughters of Melissa's older sister, Jen. Are y'all confused yet? ; ) They both blog, but only update about once a month. Ugh. #slackers

Cutest things ever, right? Go ahead and watch it again. Y'all know y'all want to. 


Love, love!

PS: There were people standing all around the table to make sure the babies were safe. Obviously. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PSA on Speeding

If you follow me on Twitter, then you already know...

I got a speeding ticket yesterday. 

Before you judge me. Wait. It wasn't my fault. ; )

So I was doing SO good on my fast all day yesterday. I left work around 1 pm and went to Walmart. I walked right past all those dang sweets and never even blinked. As I was heading home, I realized that I hadn't eaten lunch yet, so I hesitantly pulled into Wendy's. I ordered the chicken nuggets and quickly said, "THAT'S ALL" before I somehow added a diet coke in there. Believe me, I was tempted. What is fast food without a diet coke?

As I was pulling out of Wendy's, I was SO proud of myself for resisting the diet coke temptation. Literally, I was smiling ear to ear. I started praying out loud and asking God to keep me strong. Then, out of flipping nowhere, a cop jumps out from behind a tree with a huge stop sign. #scaredmetodeath. There was no cop car...just two cops hiding behind trees. 

I pulled over. She (I knew it was over when it was a she) said, "We clocked you going 42 in a 30. Is there a reason that you were going so fast?" My inner sarcastic self thought, "Lady, 42 is definitely not fast. It's lucky I wasn't going 60." However, I was smart enough not to voice those words. : ) Instead I just apologized for speeding. 

That could be the end of the story. But alas, it's not. She proceeded to ask me for my license, insurance, and registration. License - check. Insurance - check. Registration - check. Then she said, "Ma'am, your insurance card and registration papers are expired. Do you have your current ones?" Crap. I don't ever get pulled over. I know nothing about keeping that stuff up to date. #majorfail. I thought I was going to jail. 

She decided to "be nice" and let my insurance expiration slide, seeing as how it had expired on May 10th and this was May 17th. How absolutely "sweet" of her. #not. Well, okay, it really was sweet of her, but it's hard to feel like she's being nice when she is writing out a huge fat ticket...and looking happy about it. 

So I drove off and called my hubby and looked like this:

I am super blessed with a fabulous husband who did not get mad at me. He calmed me down and asked me if I was okay...and then proceeded to laugh at me and call me Speed Demon. 

I was almost home when this thought hit me..."I totally deserve a diet coke after that." I nearly turned around to head to Sonic, but I prayed for strength and turned into my neighborhood instead. I still think I deserve that diet coke. I got to thinking that the whole ticket thing was surely sent from the devil, trying to get me to break from my fast in a weak moment. That devil sure is awful sneaky. All he wants is to keep me from giving my all to my Lord. 

PSA: Don't speed. Cops jump out of trees and give you tickets. Then you have to pay. 

Love, love!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bridal Luncheon

We ended up having my bridal luncheon the Friday before the wedding because almost all of my bridesmaids were from out of town. My grandma and my aunt hosted my luncheon and it was SO much fun. It was at this cute little cafe called Bistro Byronz...and it was delicious. Food + friends + family = perfection. 

It was so nice to have all my best friends staying the night with me. We had tons of fun getting ready together and spending the whole entire day together. I'll say it again, I am SO blessed by my friends. 


The table setup. 

My mom and I. 

Somebody got a great nap. 

My little sister and I. 

Our precious place settings. (I added the heart to hide my maiden name. All the cool bloggers do it.)

I think that the bridal luncheon was my favorite "shower" of the wedding festivities. It was strictly close family and bridesmaids, it was relaxed, and it was the day before the wedding. The atmosphere was electric with excitement and nerves. I know that I had butterflies for sure! Plus, there were no presents to open, which is always SO awkward to me. It always makes me so nervous for people to sit and watch me open presents.

I really do appreciate all of the sweet comments y'all leave when I post my wedding recaps! 
#mybloggingbestiesrock #bloggerpleasedontfailusagain (had to throw that one in there!) ; )

Have a great Monday! I'm off today! Woohoo!!

Love, love!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

From His Week...

I wanted to share some pictures today from my husband's week in Alabama. 

Even though I know that life does and must go on, I definitely don't want to stop thinking about and praying for all of the people that were affected. I hope that y'all will continue to pray for them as well. Justin went on and on about how thankful and grateful everyone was towards them. He said that people came by to thank them, pray over them, and feed them continually. He truly could not say enough nice things about the people of Alabama.

The whole crew. 

Husband and Father-in-law. Or twins? 

This is the inside of Hobby Lobby. 

Panoramic view.

I think this one puts the size of the devastation into perspective. 

I wanted to share a little bit of the "light and fun" parts of their week, too! As y'all know, my husband's birthday was during their trip and they sure did have some fun with him! Bless his heart!

Doesn't that make y'all wish that y'all were firemen?? : ) I sure do love some good, clean fun.

Love, love!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

All is Well

The world (for me) is back to normal again. 

My husband is home and I am one happy little wife. : ) I literally attacked him when he walked in and maybe accidentally smacked his head into the wall. He forgave me though because he just loves me so much. ; )

We had an absolutely fabulous weekend. Not only did my husband come home on Saturday, but my parents also came into town for a birthday party and Mother's Day. So I got hubby and parents. Pure perfection. 

Saturday afternoon we went to my little cousin's birthday party. Nothing says happy birthday more than a dozen little kids running around in swimsuits, right? And there were cupcakes. #Ilovekidsparties

This is the only picture I got from the party. Am I a fat kid or what? It looks like I did not think anyone was worthy of a picture, but when they busted out the cupcakes I apparently went running for my camera. 

After the party, we went shopping and out to eat at Cheddar's for hubby's birthday dinner. Have y'all eaten there? I love it. The honey butter croissants are my best friends. (Plural friends...because I ate three.)

My mom's Kentucky Derby choice. 

We went to church with the family on Sunday, then over to my aunt's for lunch. My (skinny) aunt deemed the theme for lunch "salad." My husband looked at me like I had four eyes when I told him what was for lunch. Thank goodness my mother made taco salad. It was the only "heavy" salad. And also the only bowl empty at the end of the day. #Weareafamilythatlikestoeat

My pretty mother and I. Look at her baby blues...sigh. (Please ignore my sheen.)

My grandma and her three girls. She is 80+ and still looks amazing. Her advice: sunscreen!

My cousin Mackenzie...beauty pageant smile or what?

Please forgive...it was 90 degrees outside and H-O-T. 

Melt my heart right now. : )

So happy to have my love home! 

It was such a perfect weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed having my parents in town and I started continued my guilt trip talk on why they should move here. Maybe this time it worked? Let's hope so.

I hope y'all had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. 

Love, love!!

PS: I'm getting a new camera. WOOHOO! Thanks, hubby! What a great Mother's Day present! : )