Friday, September 12, 2014

The Last of Summer

Ever since college, my head automatically categorizes August as fall, simply because it was the start of our fall semester. I still think of it like that, hence the title. So even these might "technically" be the last of summer pictures, it's certainly not the end of summer here with our 90+ degree weather and hot hot days. We are ready for some fall coolness! 

Here's what we were up to in August:

We spend most of our afternoons in the backyard, playing in the pool, swinging, sliding, and drawing with chalk. Emory loves to watch me draw things. She says, "Ooooh, ooooh!" It's nice that someone thinks I'm talented. Haha. 

Radar wanted the chalk, too, apparently. Haha. 

We spend most of our days with this sweet angel - Cammie Lee! They are the cutest sweetest babies around, when they aren't stealing each other's toys and snacks. Haha! 

But I mean, really, how cute are they?!

Auntie Whitney came in one day to hang out with us and we went to play at the park. Emory loved the extra attention!

We went to visit daddy's favorite place - Bass Pro! Emory seems about as thrilled as I was! Haha! 

The alligator's cutest catch of the day! 

We love play dates at the park with our group of friends. Now we just need some boy baby friends! 

Sweaty sweet baby - rifling through someone else's bag and stealing their snacks and water. Busted! 

Daddy wanted to swim one day after doing yard work outside. There was only room for one! Haha! We need a bigger pool!

Emory is a major book lover and when it gets quiet, I usually find her like this - surrounded by books. Isn't that just the sweetest thing?! I can't wait until she can read them to me. 

Rocking and reading, just like mommy! 

Alyse came up to stay one weekend and we had the BEST time! We literally did nothing except stay in jammies, watch tv, and eat...and it was perfect! Emory absolutely loved having Alyse there and was sad when she left. 

Please come back soon, Alyse!! We miss you!!! Emory wants you to read 50 more books to her! Haha! 

Another one of our mommy and me play dates - such cute cute babies! 

On August 19 we got to find out what the next baby Poole is going to be!!!!! Anddddddd, it's a..........BOY!!!!!! YAY!!! We were thrilled, although Emory definitely didn't get what all the screaming was about. I love her face in this one. She is thinking, what in the world?! It was loud because we were SO EXCITED! We can't wait to meet you, baby Poole boy!! 

Emory is mommy's big helper and loves to do whatever I'm doing. Daddy found her a little broom and so she sweeps when I sweep. She actually picks up dust and hair, too! It's awesome! Now if only she understood how to sweep it into the dustpan. ; )

I'm usually behind the camera, so it's nice to get pictures with my sweet girl. We were swimming at Aunt Pam's that day and Emory had a blast, eating chips and drinking an Icee. I'm pretty sure she thinks she's a teenager already. 

This was right after Emory woke up from a nap one day and she was being so sassy. It was adorable! She ran up to me and wanted me to put her glasses on and she did not want to take them off. Hey, it was bright inside after her nap. Haha! I just love her grumpy face and her crazy hair. What a sweet doll! 

Grandma and Grandpa come up every single Saturday and on this day we went to Gigi's and bought a pool. Emory had a blast splashing around and playing. She is so blessed with the greatest grandparents ever!! 

First LSU game and Emory was ready! Too bad she fell asleep before it even started. But she sure looked cute that day! 

Cheerleader baby! Cutest Tiger ever! 

I have to get creative to try to get still pictures of Emory these days so that it won't be blurry. I've figured out that if I stand her up in a chair, she is stuck for a few seconds so I can snap away! 

Happy little duck! 

Candace moved to Shreveport in August and we have LOVED having her over a lot and playing. Emory loves her Aunt Can! 

We've been taking a lot of walks in the evenings before bath and bedtime. Emory absolutely loves it and usually squeals and runs and laughs and just has the best time. Until we see a stray ball or a kitty somewhere. And then she cries because I tell her she can't go and get it/pet it. Haha.

Gorgeous view - a beautiful sunset and my sweet sweet girl. I am so blessed! 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What Emory Wore - #4

We spend most of our afternoons in the backyard, playing in the pool or swinging. Emory LOVES to be outside. She just recently started saying "ow-side" when she runs to the back door. It's so cute! Our backyard is small, but it's nice and shady in the afternoon and a perfect little spot for us. We definitely long to move and we yearn for more room and land, but we are trusting God that we are here in this house for a reason right now. 

I can't resist snapping some pictures when we head outside because the lighting is so perfect and Emory is so cute! It's one of the only places that I can usually get clear, good pictures of her. I figure it's the perfect time to document how adorable my sweet baby is - I love getting smiling pictures and I love getting action shots, like her belly poking out as she walks or her pointing at something to show me.  



Isn't she just the sweetest thing ever?! I am so thankful for all of these beautiful, candid shots of my sweet baby girl. I will cherish them forever!

Emory Grace, I hope you always know how loved and adored you are. You are beautiful inside and out and we just pray that you grow to love Jesus and share His name. We love you so much!