Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Christmas Eve 2014

We had a fun, relaxing Christmas Eve, just spending time together and getting ready for the next day. We spent the first part of the day hanging out in our jammies. 

 We had to run over to Emily's house so that I could print something and Emory had a blast playing with all of Cammie's toys while she wasn't there! Haha! 

Grams came over to give Emory her Christmas presents and Emory had fun ripping the paper. 

And then standing on all of her presents. Haha. She definitely didn't understand that they were fun things for her. 

After present time, we got ready for the Christmas Eve service at church. We always went to a similar service growing up and I love continuing the tradition with Emory. There's just something about scripture and Christmas carols and dimmed lighting that makes the magic of Christmas come alive. To sing the words of songs that you've been singing all month and really focus on the meaning, on the reason for Christmas, is amazing. Thank you, Jesus! 

But first, we had a little family photo shoot before we left. : )

My two loves. Can't get enough of them! 

So precious! For some reason Emory always poses and smiles with daddy, but never with mommy! No fair! 

Family selfie! I'm so blessed! 

Then I busted out the real camera and snapped a few shots of my sweet girl. 

Little beauty! 

Snack time! 

Love love love her little nativity dress. 

Acting silly instead of smiling! 

My sweet baby girl. 

Grandma and grandpa came in for the Christmas eve service and then we ate at IHOP afterwards. So delicious! Then we hurried Emory to bed so that Santa could come! She had no clue what was going on, but it was still fun to tell her what was going to happen the next morning! 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Trip to See Santa

The week before Christmas, we headed to Justin's favorite place on earth, Bass Pro, to see Santa. Emory wasn't a fan last year and we were pretty sure that she wouldn't be a fan this year, but isn't it a requirement to see Santa when you have kids? Haha. So we went anyway. The setup is SO nice...and it's all free! They had a station to make Christmas cookies and another little Christmas craft. The store is so lit up and festive, too. It's gorgeous! 

Of course I forgot my "real" camera, so phone pictures will have to do! 

Kisses for daddy while we waited in line. 

And Santa was a success! Haha! I have to admit, I love this picture. So hilarious. I know eventually she will sit and smile, so I totally appreciate and love these funny ones until then! 

And a flashback from last year:

Look at my little bitty baby!! So crazy how time flies! 

Kisses for mommy while we explored Bass Pro! 

Christmas cookie decorating time! 

Adding lots of sprinkles!

Justin living the dream...such a man! 

My Santa cutie!

Silly face! 

Love my sweet girl so much! We were wasting time while daddy shopped! 

We headed down the Boardwalk to Joe's Crab Shack for lunch. They have a little playground area outside and Emory had a blast playing while we waited for lunch. 

She loved this little boy and kept hugging on him! Daddy better watch out!! 

This picture reminds me of the movie Titanic. Hahaha! King (and queen) of the playground! 

Swinging - her favorite thing!

Playing with Aunt Pam and Brae! 

Justin getting ready to chow down. So funny! 

I really love the holidays with a child. It just seems to make everything more fun and exciting! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Christmas Pictures

My amazing friend Brook volunteered to take some Christmas pictures for us and we love them so much! I didn't really want to do "professional" pictures since I figured we would be doing them in a few months for Emory's 2nd birthday, but we definitely needed a Christmas card picture...and a cute baby announcement picture! Brook stepped up and did amazing. Thank you, Brook!! 

Before she got there, I snapped a few sweet pictures of my favorite bunnies in the world! 

Twins! I mean, how cute are they?!

Sweet girl loves her daddy! 

I found this quote and loved it - "Family is one of God's masterpieces." I mean, He has so many since He created everything! But really, family is such a beautiful beautiful creation. 

So blessed to be a part of this family! It's almost surreal to remember dreaming about these days - when I would be married and have kids - and now they are here!! And they are perfect!! 

Looooove this one so much! Giggles are the best! 

Baby Mackey #2! 

This was our "official" announcement picture - love it! We can't wait to meet you, sweet baby! 

Loving her candy cane...in her white dress. EEKS! 

I just adore her precious dress - showing the real reason for the season - Jesus! 

Sweet little angel! 

I'm so glad we took the time to take these pictures. I will treasure them forever! Thank you, Jesus, for my sweet precious family! 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Bittersweet Goodbye - Moving

In October, we got an offer on our house...finally!!!! It was listed for over a year and we honestly were worried that we were never going to get out of there, but really, it's just all in God's timing. We started frantically looking for somewhere to live, but couldn't find anything that we felt was "home." Papaw was nice enough to offer to share his house with us for a little while, so that became the plan. We were set to close on our house the week before Christmas. It was a little hectic, yes, but we were just so thankful to be selling our house that we didn't mind moving right before the holiday. 

This was once we got all of the big furniture out...stuff everywhere! 

You don't realize how much stuff you have until you need boxes for it all! Haha! 

Helping daddy take the table apart...what a cute little assistant! 

She was working hard!! And loving it. She loves to help! I know sometimes it can be slow and somewhat frustrating to let kids "help," but I feel like it is SO important to let them. They love it and it really makes them feel special! 

One of the last few nights in our house. I couldn't even eat before snapping a picture because this is just too hilarious!! Here's how you eat dinner with hardly any furniture! 

Emory did truly amazing through all of the moving chaos!! She took it all in stride like a champ and loved playing with all of the stuff that was pulled out everywhere. 

One last house picture!!! SOLD! 

Emory was a little sad to move.

But she quickly got over it...haha! Such a cutie!! 

Our closing ended up getting pushed back a few days, but since we had already moved most of our stuff out, we went ahead and moved out. Poor Justin had to finish the rest of moving pretty much on his own in the cold and dark (since we had already turned the electricity off...oops!). He was such a stud working so hard! 

Our last night in our first house together was December 21, 2014. It was definitely a little bittersweet to leave, but we were and are so excited to find something that fits our family better. I bought this house before I met Justin, when I was ready to plant some roots. I was more focused on everything being new and pretty and feeling safe since I was alone. Now we dream and long for land and space for our babies to run around. And for Justin to put all his stuff. Haha. We can't wait to see where the Lord leads us!!! Pray with us! Until then, we are so grateful to Papaw for opening up his home to us. Emory has loved getting to play with him throughout the day and I haven't minded the extra helper/babysittter/player one bit. ; ) 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Natchitoches Lights

Every year around Christmas, my college best friends and I meet up in Natchitoches to check out the Christmas lights and fireworks. It has become our yearly tradition and even though it's crowded and hectic, we excitedly plan the trip anyway because we just love spending time together! Although this year the men did beg to do something different next year. Something that doesn't require searching for parking for 30 minutes, walking over a mile, and starving until 9 pm. Haha. 

We planned to eat dinner before the fireworks, but that didn't happen since we had to search for parking and walk A MILLION MILES to get to the street. Okay so it wasn't a million miles, but when you have one pregnant momma that could go into labor at any time and another pregnant momma who thinks she might puke every 5 seconds, it was a long walk. Haha! By the time we got to the lights, it was almost time for the fireworks and all of the restaurants had long wait times. 

We did manage to run into this little cafe that was open and snag the last few muffins and bags of chips to inhale while we waited for the show to start! 

Firework time! Ooooh, aaaah! So pretty! 

After the fireworks once the street cleared out a lot. It's so festive! 

Best friends forever and always, regardless of where we live, what direction our life is going in, how many kids we have (LIS!), and how often we can see each other. None of that matters when the friendship runs as deep as ours! Love y'all so much!! 

We also found out some AMAZING news on our little trip - Shannon is pregnant!! They told us in the cutest way, too. Jon was taking a picture of all of us and he said, "On the count of three, say Shannon's pregnant!" So he got our reaction on video, plus tons of fun pictures. Hez was taking pictures, too, so I stole all of these from Melissa's blog - such a fun way to always remember how excited we are about baby Reynolds!! 

I love that Shannon and I are still smiling like normal at this point! Haha! And drama queen Candy always has the best face!! 

"Are you serious?!"

Just being so excited for our little Shanny girl!! 

I can't believe you are going to be a mother, Shan!!!! I still remember when we first met (you know, when you were so rude!) and I can't believe how far our friendship has come. You are such a gem, Shan. I'm so thankful for you and your precious baby!! 

There are no better friends than these. 

Loving on baby Reynolds! 

And probably one of my favorite pictures ever - loving on all of the babies in our bellies! It's such a blessing being pregnant together! 

Guess there will be a few more kids making the trip to Natchitoches next year!!! : )))