Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Fright Train

I have made some really great friends from our play dates and we decided it was time to get the hubbies together and have a big date night. We went over to Jefferson, TX to have dinner and ride the Halloween Fright Train. It's a cute little small town that always has a lot of fun holiday things going on. The train ride wasn't exactly scary, unless you are 4 years old, but it was fun and definitely memorable! 

The girls! So glad that Candace lives here now!! WOOHOO! 

My sweet hubby, always so happy to take a picture with me. : )

Emily and Brice! 

Candace and Karl, aka the lovebirds! : )

Tony and Brook! 

Justin looks nervous about the Fright Train! Good thing I was there to hold his hand! 

Group shot! (minus Brice, sorry Brice!)

We really did have so much fun together and it was so nice to be able to hang out with our hubbies and without having to chase babies and make sure they aren't biting and pushing each other. Haha. The scariest part of the train was this big clanking sound it made as it drove, otherwise it was pretty tame. And then Justin scared Emily and that gave everyone a good laugh. ; ) 

Here's to many more date nights! 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Red River Revel

At the beginning of October, we went to the Red River Revel with some of our friends. It is this big outdoor arts festival that has fun things for the kids to do and yummy fair-like food. This was my first time going and it was really nice! I was surprised at all of the activities they had for kids, including lots of craft stations and an obstacle course. We had so much fun walking around and watching the sweet babies play. 

One of the booths was a huge "grocery store" with little shopping carts and all kinds of fake food. Each baby gets a buggy and then they can just go crazy filling it up. 

Emory went straight for the good stuff, bread! Just like her momma! 

Cammie loaded up on the fruits and veggies. Just like her momma! Haha! 

Cute little shopper! She loved pushing the buggy around. 

Abbie really liked licking the buggy more than shopping. ; )

Going for the next good thing - ice cream! This girl is a smart shopper! I love that she's going for the highest thing on her little tippy toes! 


Talk about the perfect buggy - bread and ice cream to the top! 

They also had a big dirt box full of rocks and fossils for the kids to dig up. Our sweet babies just had fun filling their buckets up with sand and getting covered head to toe. 

Looking like such a big girl playing! 

Sweet babies checking out all the dirt. Abbie was licking the toys, Emory was filling up her bucket, Greyson was eating the dirt, and Cammie wasn't sure what to think. Haha! 

Dirt everywhere! But she loved it so much! 

Snack time! Look at the dirt on her little legs! EEKS! 

Playing with Greyson and sharing snacks. 

Sweet sweet babies with sweet sweet smiles. 

They were seriously having way too much fun shrieking and laughing with each other. I love watching these little babies interact! We left after this because it got packed so fast for the concert that was about to start. 

The Red River Revel was SO much fun and we can't wait to go back next year! I'm so thankful for good friends to do life with and cute babies to make each day so sweet! 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

September 2014 Part Two

Justin is all about the outdoors - hunting, fishing, bugs, mud, etc. All that fun stuff. He convinced me and some of our friends to go on a camping trip one weekend in September and it really was so much fun! It wasn't really "true" camping - no tents were involved and we had electricity and toilets, but let's just call it camping anyway. We stayed in a cute little lodge and let the babies run around outside a lot. Justin and the boys (and Candace!) went fishing and then we did a big fish fry one night. We played a lot of silly games at night and made s'mores. It was so much fun hanging out and making memories together. 

Justin brought his new fishing boat and Emory had a blast "driving!" Justin was so proud of his sweet little girl and I just love that she has a pink tutu swimsuit and a big bow on in his manly camo boat! Haha! 

Emory and Cameron's first time riding in a boat! Emory clung to me tightly and Cammie went into survival mode and went limp - it was hilarious! We think they enjoyed it...maybe. 

This picture of Cammie cracks me up - she looks like such a big girl just hanging out in her chair! 

These two are just too cute together! Their personalities are so different, but for the most part it seems to work well. They have so much fun playing together and they get so excited when they see each other! 

Emory saw that Justin was enjoying a little treat and wormed her way up into his lap for a bite. She is one smart cookie! 

Say "cheese!" Two dirty outside camper babies! 

Best friends forever! 

The only thing cuter than a baby in pajamas is TWO babies in pajamas! 

This is how they were the entire trip - so excited to run wild and free!! 

The trip was so smooth, even with two babies! They both napped well and slept pretty great. We were all happy about that! One thing I noticed and thought was so funny - I apparently only think about taking pictures of my child. I forgot to get any pictures of the rest of us! Oops! Next time! And yes, there will be a next time! Justin has already decided that we need a longer and "more real" camping trip in the future. I think I'll agree, as long as there are no tents involved! Haha! 

Another fun thing that happened in September was wedding dress shopping with Candace!! 

Wedding dress overload! We went to two different places and Candace was such a trooper trying on lots of dresses, even if she was ready for a nap! Haha! 

Best friends forever - seriously! 

A big thumbs up after Candace picked her dress! And can I just say that it is one that Alyse and I picked out?! I mean, we are so honored. : ) 

Candace's dressing room. Is she not the cutest bride ever or what?!

Her wedding dress is Oleg Cassini. Just couture. No big deal. 

We seriously had THE best time spending the whole day together and just watching her dreams come true of becoming a bride. She looked amazing in so many dresses, but we all ended up falling in love with the same one. It was totally meant to be!! I can't wait to see her in it in April!! 

And here's just a few other random pictures from September:

Sometimes when I tell the dogs to "go lay down," Emory runs over to their bed really quickly and lays down in it before they can. She is a mess! Haha! 

Play date at the splash pad. These babies love the water! 

My cute little swim girl! She looks so big and grown up here. Time flies when you're having fun, which we definitely are around these parts! 

Thank you, Lord, for a beautiful September full of wonderful memories! 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

September 2014 Part One

September was a fun and busy month for us - as evidenced by my lack of blogging! I'm determined to get caught up, though! 

Here's what we were up to in September. Y'all might want to prepare for a long post! 

My little patriotic princess on Labor Day! She's standing "at attention." 

We spent a lot of afternoons outside in the backyard playing in the pool and making a huge mess for Justin to clean up. : )

We were so thankful to have a good friend who has a neighborhood pool where we spent many many mornings playing and swimming. How cute are these swim babies?!

Emory and Cammie = best friends! These two are so stinking cute together. 

We had a baby shower for our dear friend Madison and her soon-to-arrive baby boy. Of course I slacked and didn't take any pictures other than this, but it was so much fun! It's so nice having a good group of friends here finally! We can't wait to meet baby C!  

Emory spent a Saturday shopping with my parents while I napped after working and she had so much fun. She loves going to Sears and riding on the lawn mowers - she must take after her daddy! 

We celebrated our friend Abbie's first birthday! It was a party in the park and the sweet babies had so much fun. I can't believe that Abbie is one already! She was the tiniest little 9 month old when we first met her, barely walking. Now she's a (still tiny) one year old walking everywhere!

Who doesn't love a huge ball pit?!

Emory and her friend Lucy - how cute are they?! I think they look so similar!

And in the MOST EXCITING NEWS of the month...

...Candace got engaged!!!!!! She showed up at work to show me her bling bling! Congratulations Candace and Karl! 

We have Mommy and Me play dates each week and they are some of our favorite days! I took Emory, Cammie, and Charity on a nature walk at the park and they were the cutest, even if our walk took forever after all the stops! Haha! 

At least one baby knows what "say cheese" means! 

Story Time at the library is another of our favorite activities! It's a good place for Emory to practice sitting still and listening. And she gets to sing and dance and blow bubbles, too! 

Grandma and Emory say GEAUX LSU! I have to be honest, I'm not really a huge football fan, but I do love dressing Emory up for game days! Priorities. : )

When grandma and grandpa are in town, we go over to Gigi's and play with Ginger. Emory likes to help her eat and Ginger is nice enough not to mind! 

These two love to walk the neighborhoods and act silly together! 

Bubbles at Story Time with her friends! It's so neat watching these little people interact together! Well, when they aren't pushing or biting each other. Haha! 

We made it out to Sci-Port one day to explore and absolutely loved it! It's a little pricey to visit frequently, but it's definitely worth a splurge every now and then. They have tons of little things for the kids to play with and do, including these huge teeth! 

Beep, beep - get out of the way! This makes me almost hyperventilate thinking about them driving - I know the years will fly by! 

Sitting on the table and playing with blocks! She loves to build towers and then push them down! 

Emory's first corn on the cob - which I felt needed to be documented. She loved it! 

These two are so funny. They just plopped down in the middle of the road and played for a little bit. We are so glad that they live on a dead end street with minimal traffic...and that their neighbors don't mind when these two come knocking on their doors! 

Emory has developed a "silly" personality and it's so cute. Once she figures out that something makes us laugh, she loves to just keep doing it! Cammie was telling her to "Get up, Emory Grace!" 

More from September to come! So thankful for this beautiful life!!