Sunday, December 14, 2014

We Like to Wear Pumpkins

I love dressing Emory for all of the seasons and fall is certainly one of the good ones! She had several cute little fall outfits and I snapped a few pictures of my favorite pumpkin dresses. 

My beautiful little pumpkin! 

I love this sassy little face and pose! 

Sweetest face ever! 

What a little doll! 

She loved her mini pumpkin! 

And a little comparison from last year to this year wearing the same dress:

How is she this big?! It's crazy!! Look at that little baby from last year and this big girl from this year! And all that hair!! Babies definitely don't keep, but they do grow up into the sweetest things. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

We visited the pumpkin patch a few times this year. What can I say, we were obsessed with cute pumpkin clothes and big round pumpkins! 

One afternoon we went to a small church pumpkin patch by Justin's fire station. He was able to ride over and Papaw got to come by, too! It was deserted and Emory and Cammie had so much fun running around the whole place! 

Little darlings looking so cute! 

So thankful for this momma and baby! We love spending (almost) every day with them!! 

There was a huge bounce house and since no one was there, we let the babies climb on in and THEY LOVED IT! They laughed, jumped, bounced, fell, and had a ball! 

SO much fun! 

"Falling" and laughing. 

Beautiful Cammie Lee! 

Emory Grace and her stinky face! 

I mean, they were just living the life and loving it! So cute! 

We also visited a different pumpkin patch one day with our little mommy and me play group.

Emory LOVED this little wagon and pulled all of her friends around. She was working up a sweat! 

They loved the big pumpkins! 

Sweet babies having fun - and Emory giving Cammie a hug...or a push. Haha! 

Baby wagon ride!! Precious! 

 I was the wagon ride puller and I had the cutest babies in my wagon! 

Don't they look so thrilled?! Haha! They really were having fun! 

Pumpkin cutie! 

Then it was Emory's turn...with a little help from momma! 

She seriously wouldn't stop pulling the wagon...she loved it! And her friends loved the free rides! Haha! 

Then they decided to load the wagon up!! 

Sweet baby Amelia. What a doll! 

Kaylee looking SO cute! 

Cammie Lee - we love her! 

All the sweet babies - aren't they so adorable?!

Precious Lucy Claire! 

And my little Emory. What a sweet face! Look at those flushed cheeks - girl was tired after pulling that wagon so much! 

And of course I had to take a comparison picture...

2013 and 2014. When did my baby get so big?! 

We had so much fun this fall celebrating with lots of pumpkin play dates! I love living life with my sweet family and friends! 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dixie Maze Farms

One beautiful October Sunday afternoon, we headed out to Dixie Maze Farms with our friends Emily and Brice. It is this huge area outside of the city that has a real pumpkin patch (like on the actual vine!), a corn maze, tractor rides, pony rides, and real animals. Emory and Cameron had SO much fun and it was really the perfect day to be outside. Having babies and experiencing life with them and through their eyes is just so amazing!

Emory is such a little climber! If it can be climbed, she is going to attempt it. 

My two loves - absolutely precious! 

One little chicken...

Another little chicken! 

Checking out the baby rabbits. They loved them! 

Emory and Cammie were walking around and a group of chickens started getting close to them and they both freaked out! They were not fans!

Petting a baby goat! 

Riding the pony and petting the pony...she seemed to really enjoy this! 

My big girl - I love experiencing these moments together! 

Sweet daddy. Always protecting his baby girl. 

Cammie's turn to ride the pony! 

There is this huge trampoline thing that you can climb on and bounce on. Such great daddies bouncing with their girls. 

Emory was LOVING bouncing with daddy!

Tractor ride time! So thankful for good hubbies that do all the "fun stuff." Haha!

Emory and Cammie weren't sure about this thing - but it was so cute watching them roll around!

Next we took the tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch! Cammie also wasn't sure about this. Haha. 

Finding a pumpkin to pick! 

We got one! We got one! Even though Justin laughed and said it looked like a bell pepper. Haha. 

She was very serious about her pumpkin! 

Hoarding her pumpkin - haha!

My sweet precious family - love them so so much!

I love my sweet girl! 

Kissy kissy! This girl is so sweet!

Little pumpkin beauty! 

Sweet angel girl. We are crazy about her! 

Best friends! 

Cutest pumpkins in the patch! Heck, in the whole world!! : ) 

Fall is such a fun time of year and it's even better getting to enjoy it with a precious little baby. We are so blessed!