Friday, March 27, 2015

Louisiana Snow Days

At the end of February, we got QUITE the surprise - a couple of snow days in Louisiana! We rarely, if ever, get snow. It's usually sleet or ice, but this was real actual snow! It started out as sleet and ice, but turned to snow a day or two later. It was unreal to see the snow falling! We bundled Emory up and let her play for a little bit outside, which she loved! She kept begging me to go "play in the snowman." Haha! 

Playing outside with daddy! This was more of the "ice day."

Cutest little snow bunny! 

She loved eating the ice and snow! 

"Look mommy! Ice!" 

Play time! She seriously loved being out in it! 

A little snack. Haha. 

Who rides their 4-wheeler down the street during an ice storm?! That would be MY redneck husband. Haha. He's such a country boy! 

Such a sweet face! 

Our attempt at sledding - and Emory was not a fan! Haha! Hence why this is the only picture! 

Bundled up! She could barely walk! Haha! 


Snow beauty! 

Two days later, it was really SNOWING! So we had to bundle up and head back outside for more play time. At first Emory was a little scared of the falling snow, but she got over it quickly and loved it. She kept saying, "Snow on mommy! Snow on Emory!" 

I just "snow" that she is the cutest thing ever!! ; ) That one was for you, Lis! 

You can see the snow falling!! In Louisiana! It was real! 

Snow snuggles! 

And lots of snow kisses! 

She might want to move up north - she loved the snow! 

"Snow on Emory!"

Watching her explore and learn is my favorite thing!! 

Sweetest little footprints. 

Throwing snowballs! This was her favorite thing to do! 

This should be a Christmas post card! Haha! 

Justin didn't get home from work until the "heavy" snow fall was over, but we still got to play outside in it a little bit once he was home. 

So blessed with this beautiful family. 

Next, it was time to make snow ice cream! Except we didn't have any sugar. Who doesn't have sugar, right?! Apparently us. So we had to improvise with powdered sugar and milk and vanilla. 

So excited for "I cream!"

And it was...pretty disgusting. Haha. Apparently real sugar is a must when making snow ice cream. 

Emory didn't mind, though. She wanted to eat it anyway! This girl is an ice cream lover! 

It sure does look pretty! 

Ice cream kisses! 

We really did love and enjoy our snow days! It was so neat to see it legitimately snow and to get to experience it with Emory! However, I am really glad that we live in the south where it doesn't happen much. It's hard being cooped up indoors with a toddler who just wants to go outside! Haha! We will take our one snow day every couple of years. ; )

Monday, March 23, 2015

Throw Me Something Mister

On February 15th we got decked out in our Mardi Gras attire (well, Emory did!) and headed over to meet up with our friends for the Highland Mardi Gras Parade. This was the only parade that we went to this year since the others were later at night. Emory honestly wasn't sure what to think about it all. I think she was pretty overwhelmed! She just wanted to be held the whole time. I was super thankful that Justin and I were both there because we did a lot of baby swapping. Haha. 

She did start waving to the floats when they would go by, so I think she definitely understood that if you waved, they would throw you something! We got SO much stuff - it was crazy! But we had so many cute little kids, so I can see why everyone wanted to share their goodies with us! ; )

Getting ready for the parade to start!

It was a nice day and it wasn't overly crowded, so it was really enjoyable! There was no fighting for beads and goodies! 

Throw us something! 

She was super excited about the ball that she got, but not excited about having to wait between floats. Haha. 

Sweet daddies (and a mommy!) with their cuties - Emory, Kaylee, and Cameron! 

One of the floats threw hot dogs and Emily and I made sure to point to her cute belly bump so that she would get a hot dog. And it worked! Haha! 

This was after the parade, obviously! Lots of beads and lots of stuffed animals stuffed under the strollers. Haha. Don't they look so thrilled?! ; )

My sweet little Mardi Gras girl! 

Love her so very much! 

Little sassy pants showing off her Mardi Gras dress!

Light of my life! 

I've never been super crazy about Mardi Gras, but the parade really was so family friendly and fun! It makes me excited for all the years to come! 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a really laid back Valentine's Day (Justin had to work), but I couldn't resist dressing Emory up in a sweet outfit to celebrate! She's such a little love bug! 

I mean, really, if those pictures don't put a little love in your heart, there's no hope for you. ; ) 

I love my sweet little Valentine so much! 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Emory's 2nd Birthday Party

Emory's 2nd birthday party was the first weekend of February at Gymboree and it was so much fun! It was nice having the party indoors where they could run and play and exert a lot of energy. All of Emory's little friends came and it was cute getting to watch them all play together. Emory and I are so blessed with a great group of mommy/baby friends!

I can't believe that Emory is two! It just seems unreal. I definitely miss the snuggly baby days, but it really is so fun watching her grow and learn. She's so smart and so sweet, with a lot of sass to keep it interesting! ; )

Love her sweet little profile. 

Getting the party started! I was so thankful that my mom was there to run around with Emory, too! It was exhausting keeping up with these wild kids! 


Having SO much fun! She basically just ran around and did whatever she wanted to do, but hey, she was the birthday girl! 

Abbie had a blast at the party and kept everyone entertained! 

Sweet Cammie!

Watching the balls roll down the slide! I was holding her there so she wouldn't run off! Haha!

This was a favorite activity of all the kids! Walking down the plank and then...

Jumping off! So much fun! 

Grayson's turn! 

Emory was hilarious with this - she jumped down the log and then stopped and jumped off. She wanted to do this a million times! 

Sweet little faces! Emory Claire, Emory, and Luke!

Bubble time!! 

Love this picture so much! Pure happiness! 

Playing with the big tent! 

Emory was scared to go under, but Cammie was having a blast! 

Clapping and banging on the floor. 

Kaylee with her precious new baby brother Connor! 

Gymbo the clown! I love Emily's face in this one! Haha! She is over it! ; )

Such a sweet picture! Emory sure does have her Grandma and Grandpa wrapped around her finger! 

After playing, it was time for snacks and cake! Yum! 

Cute little friends at the table. Can't y'all just imagine this same picture in 10 years in the school cafeteria?! So sweet! 

Emory loaded up on cake, cupcakes, and doritos! Courtesy of Grandma! 

The adorable cake! Emory loves Curious George so that's where the monkey came from. Thanks, mom, for bringing such a cute cake! 

Apparently I was super interested in Justin getting the drink open. Haha. 

Cammie Lee enjoying all the sweets!! 

This girl is a chip lover! Just like her daddy! 

Sharing a chip with Papaw! 

I love this picture!! Is Emory going in for the ring pop or for a kiss?!

It was for a kiss!! So stinking sweet! 

Little sassy girls! Love them all so much! Emory, Abbie, Emory Claire, and Kaylee! 

This is probably one of my favorite pictures from the party! They were all peeking through the window back into the play area! So absolutely precious!!!

Emory Claire is such a sweet friend. She's always taking care of all of the other kids and giving out hugs and kisses. We love her! 

Little boss! How adorable is she?!

My sweet family! Emory was in the middle of a meltdown over having to leave, but thankfully we got a decent picture! 

The party was so much fun and I'm so thankful for all of our family and friends that love our sweet little girl. And a huge thanks to my best friend, Candace, for taking all of these pictures so that I could just enjoy the party!! You are the best!!