Friday, April 11, 2014

Scenes from the Week

This week has been a good one! In the last few weeks, we have gotten really involved in a little "mommy and me play group" and it has been a blast! We are enjoying being "busy" and meeting new friends. 

The beginning of the week was full of chilly days and rain. We were cooped up in the house on Sunday and Monday and little missy was so anxious to get outside and play. She absolutely loves being outside and will go and get my tennis shoes and bring them to me. I think she has associated those shoes with going on a wagon walk. It's so cute! I'll also tell her to go get her shoes and she waddles off to find them. She usually brings back just one shoe, but hey, that's halfway there. Haha! 

Emory loves to climb up on the dishwasher and "help" mommy unload it, whether it's clean or dirty. I think it's so sweet that she sees me doing something and wants to do it, too. She loves being a kitchen helper. She also was still recovering from a sunburn in this picture - on her right cheek. Total mom fail. : ( 

A few nights ago I cooked spaghetti and this girl tore it up. She loves pasta and apparently spaghetti is a big favorite. She couldn't shovel it in her mouth fast enough. She has a bad habit of rubbing her head while she eats, which of course makes a huge mess everywhere! I thought it was so funny that she left a perfect spaghetti handprint on her forehead! I was getting ready for work as she was eating with daddy and I walked back in the room to find this:

All done! Clean plate award! I think she wants more! 

After the rain finally stopped, we resumed our wagon walks. Our neighborhood streets flood really bad, so yes, the boots were necessary! Emory doesn't care what the weather is like - she just wants to be outside. 

Wednesday we went to story time with some new friends and then had leftover spaghetti again. Side note: three cheers for me cooking routinely! Whoop whoop! 

I just love her sweet little face. Also, I was thinking how this is truly a picture of innocence and naivety, in a good way. She doesn't care that her face is covered in spaghetti or that she's all messy. She's as happy as can be. I hope I can continue to teach her this - that it doesn't matter what people think about you as long as you love Jesus. 

On Thursdays we have been going to a mommy and me swim class. It is SO much fun and Emory enjoys it more and more each time. In the beginning, she clung to my arm so tightly. Now she isn't as scared and plays and splashes around. It's so fun doing things with other mommas and their babies. We get a little workout and talking in and the babies get to play, too. Plus, she usually takes a big nap afterward! 

Aren't these the cutest swim babies you've ever seen?! 

This picture is a little blurry, but I thought it was so cute how she just sat there intently studying the movie case, as if she could read it. I was melting at her little inquisitive stare. Babies are too much fun. 

Today we headed to the park with one of our new friends. Our play date didn't last long though. Emory had been swinging for about 20 minutes when she just started throwing up. I have no clue what happened. Of course I didn't have a change of clothes or anything prepared. Once we got home, she acted like she felt fine and ate a good lunch, so hopefully it was just a one time thing. She's napping now, so I'm praying that she wakes up feeling 100% normal. I felt totally clueless on what to do! Time to go make sure I have a change of clothes in the car. Lesson learned. : ) 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Triumphant Return

Well hi there. As the title would indicate, I am hoping to make a "triumphant return" to blogging. I have missed this space in the last few months, but it has also been a relief to be free from the pressure (from myself) to blog. It has been freeing. 

But I do miss writing and sharing. I love writing about what we are up to these days and obviously talking about Emory, so I'm ready to get back in the game. 

Warning - if you've read my blog in the past - it will be different from here on out. I will be writing about our family and what we do, day in and day out. I want this to be a place where I share our memories and where we can come back to read and look at them later. If that's not something that you want to read, I have no hard feelings. I understand. We all grow and change at different times and sometimes that involves saying goodbye. 

With that being said, welcome back. Thanks for being here. Thanks for reading, supporting, and loving us. It feels good to be "home." : )

Monday, February 24, 2014

We are OPEN

So remember my last post where I said we were opening up an online women's clothing boutique?! 

Well exciting news! We opened our online store today and we are ready for business! 

We have some super cute things for sale and I'd love y'alls feedback. 

Browse our store, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter

I so appreciate all of the love and support that y'all have given me so far on this journey. It's unreal how awesome all of my blog friends have been!! I love y'all! Thanks for supporting me! : ) 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Big News - Ruby Cross Boutique

I've been keeping a major secret lately (no, I'm not pregnant!) and I'm so excited to finally be able to spill the beans. A lot of y'all might have seen it on Instagram or Facebook, but just in case you haven't heard...

My best friend and I are opening an online women's clothing boutique - Ruby Cross Boutique

We are so excited and cannot wait to see how the Lord uses our boutique. A lot of people want to know how we decided to do it and all the details, but really, we just started talking about it one day and decided to go for it. We've been working on things for a few months now and are so excited to finally be able to share it all with everyone. We chose Ruby Cross because we wanted our faith to be evident and forefront. We love clothes, love looking cute, and love Jesus! : ) 

We will be doing weekly sales and our first one starts today! We've been sharing previews all weekend on Facebook, so if you haven't checked it out, please do. Here's a few of the items for sale today:

We would so appreciate it if you would like our page and spread the word! We get excited about every single new like! : ) Thank y'all for always being so supportive and great!

Now come shop! 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Emory Grace

I can hardly believe that one year ago today I was getting ready to meet you face to face! Little did we know what a long long night and day it would be, but let me tell you, you were more than worth it. I would do it again, a million times worse, just to have you here with us. 

Emory Grace, you bring so much joy and light to our lives. You have completed a piece of my heart that I didn't even realize was missing until you came along. I am so so thankful that I get to spend all of my days with you. I could not ask for a better job in life than to raise you and nurture you and kiss on you all day long. I always dreamed of having a daughter and you are everything that I could ever want and more. 

Surprisingly, I haven't cried or even really been emotional about you turning one. I'm not really sad about it. Yes, I miss my little squishy baby who slept on my chest all day, but I love this stage that you are in. You are such a joy and so fun. Watching you explore and learn makes me so happy. 

Happy birthday, sweet Emory Grace!! You have been with us a whole year. It feels like forever and no time at all, all at once. This year you have made me a better person and I hope that you keep teaching me. I wish so many things for you - that you feel loved always, that you reach your dreams, that you are kind. Most of all, I want you to love God. Nothing else matters, baby. Just love Him. 

Being a mom is the best thing ever and I'm just so blessed that you are my daughter. You are good and light and sweet and love - you are precious, sweet girl, precious. Never forget that. 

Thank you, precious baby, for being such a sweet angel. Thank you, dear Jesus, for giving us our sweet baby girl. Thank You for allowing us to raise her. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Blogging and the Future

I didn't really ever expect to be writing this post, but here it is. I'm not sure what the future of this blog is, honestly. Do I want to stop blogging altogether? Not really. Do I still have the same passion for it that I used to? Not really. 

It's different for me now. After having Emory, my priorities have changed. I don't have hours to spend online anymore, reading all of y'all's blogs and replying back to comments. Heck I barely have time to write a blog post. It doesn't have that sense of community for me anymore. It's just different. I don't really feel like a blogger anymore. I feel like a memory keeper or a scrapbook writer. I want to write down our daily life and share pictures of us and what we do day to day. I want to have this to remember, not to socialize. The purpose of my blog has changed and I'm just not sure how it fits in anymore with social media. I used to write mostly for y'all. Maybe a little for me, but mostly for y'all. Brainstorming cute posts or clever ideas. Now I write for me. For Emory. For my family. For the future me who at 80 years old will read back over all of these posts and weep with joy and memories. 

I've thought about making my blog private, but I'm not sure what the exact purpose of that would be. I'm not trying to keep it hidden from anyone. I just want to feel free to blog as little (or as much) as I want to. So maybe that's what I need to say: "Hey, I won't be posting every single day during the week anymore!" Maybe it's more than that. I'm not sure at this point. 

I do know that I am so grateful for all of the friendships that I have made through this blog. So many of y'all have become real friends and that is something I will be forever thankful for! 

I appreciate all of my loyal friends who have stuck around through all of the changes that this blog has gone through. Thank y'all so much! 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Review - Twerp

I shared a review post from the shop Twerp a few weeks ago here showing the sippy grippy, but we loved them so much that we had to do another one! The sweet shop owner Christie graciously sent Emory an adorable LSU pacifier clip to try out and it is our new favorite. 

The clip is so well made and is easy to use for quick placement. As you can see in the picture above, the clip is tight and hangs on really well, regardless of how much a sweet little baby tries to pull it off. That's major for me because Emory loves throwing her pacifier onto the floor and I don't even want to think about all the germs that get on it from the floor. I've clipped this one to a variety of clothing materials and it works on them all. The ribbon also detaches so that you can wash it. 

We've been using this clip out and about now for about 4 weeks and it still looks perfect! It's really unique from store bought clips and someone always comments on how cute it is wherever we go. We are so pleased with it and I highly recommend Twerp. Christie is so sweet and a dream to work with. 

Like Twerp on Facebook and you can get a code for 25% off your purchase! 

*Disclaimer: I was gifted the pacifier clip, but all opinions are my own.