Thursday, April 9, 2015

Celebrating Candace - Bridesmaid Brunch and Bridal Shower

The morning after the fish fry, Candace had a little brunch for all of her bridesmaids. We ate at Another Broken Egg and it was absolutely amazing!! Candace gave us a precious monogrammed bag and all kinds of fun goodies for the wedding. It was nice to all get together and talk about the wedding and get excited about all the fun coming up! 

Did I say how delicious the food was?! Because it was AMAZING. And I cleaned my plate, thank you very much. 

The cutie little bride-to-be! 

All the bridesmaids! And this shows how humid Louisiana is - the camera fogged up as soon as we walked outside! Haha! 

A couple weekends later, on March 28th, we had Candace's bridal shower at the LC Alumni House. I love that this beautiful little place is a tradition for all of our showers. : ) 

Gorgeous! Candace's brother's girlfriend, Micah, did all of the work and everything was so pretty! 

Candace arriving at the shower with her mom! 

Ahhhh, only 22 days until the wedding! And how adorable are Candace's shoes?!

The delicious food. Everything was so good! 

Monogrammed cake = perfection! Great job, Alyse! 

The beautiful bride-to-be! Candace, you were stunning! 

Candace and her mom, aka the amazing wedding planner! They look just alike! 

Love my sweet BFF. So thankful for you in my life! And now in my city! Haha! 

Bridezilla! Haha! Getting bossed around by Candace. Picture proof! 

The bride and her bridesmaids! 

College besties! (Just missing you, Shan!) 

I got to hold and snuggle sweet Samuel during the shower and I was in heaven! Look at that sweet face! It made me so anxious for Georgia to get here! 

And he obviously loves his Aunt Meggie! Look at that smile! 

Loving on Aunt Alyse! How sweet! 

And snuggling with his beautiful mommy! Lis, you're glowing!

Love these two friends so much! 

Stunning! I can't wait to see you in your wedding dress, Candace! 

It has been so much fun celebrating Candace and loving on her, but I'm definitely ready for the wedding! I love love! Only a few more days to go!! : )

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fish Fry for Karl and Candace

On March 14th, Alyse and I hosted a fish fry couples shower for Candace and Karl. It was the first shower to really "kick off" all of the wedding festivities and it was SO much fun! Justin was nice enough to volunteer (or be told that I had volunteered him) to cook fish and he is one amazing chef! The food was amazing, even though I forgot to take a picture of it. It was so nice to celebrate Candace and Karl and chow down on some good fried food! 

The wreath that I made for the door - and I was SO proud! I am so not creative or crafty, but I channeled my inner Melissa Poole and felt like it looked pretty decent! ; )

Justin and Karl having a little boy time. Look at that yummy fish! 

Cutest cake! It took Candace a second to get the "O-fish-ally" part - haha! 

Alyse rocked the decorations, like always!! 

Candace being her normal wild self! 

The beautiful bride-to-be and her Maid of Honor! Love these two! 

Best friends for 10+ years! 

My sweet Alyse! It's always SO nice to get to spend time with her! 

I love my hardworking and handsome chef! Thanks for cooking, baby! 

Reliving our "cool" poses of college. Haha! I love us! 

I stole this picture from Candace's dad because it was just too cute! Having fun opening gifts! Now we just have to make sure that Candace uses all that kitchen stuff. ; )

The happy couple! We love y'all, Karl and Candace! 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 2015 - Part One

Here's a little bit of what we were up to in the beginning of March:

We officially decided on a name for baby girl #2 - Georgia Kate! And the cute personalized items have already started arriving!! ; )

We love Sci-Port $3 days! We went with some friends and they always have so much fun! 

The lady was so nice and gave Emory her own bracelet (they give each mom one) when she asked for one. I love when people go above and beyond with little things like that. It made her so happy! She kept saying, "I have a bracelet, mommy!" 

Prissy pants! She loves throwing the balls! 

Emory officially has enough hair now to put into a ponytail! I can't believe it!! She used to be a bald baby! 

Being silly with Georgia Kate! 

I'm not sure that she really gets what is going to happen when Georgia arrives, but she definitely knows that she is in my belly! So sweet! 

Chasing ducks with her bff, Cammie! 

They were SO stinking cute giggling and running after the ducks. 

Is this not the sweetest picture ever?! They used to just lean in towards each other when we would tell them to give each other a hug, but now they wrap their arms around each other! So cute!! 

These two really are the cutest! 

23 weeks! I felt like I "popped" all of a sudden and really started showing.

We finally started having some warm days and we are loving it!! 

This girl is a total outside baby! She just loves being outside so much! 

Story time and bubbles! 

I was attempting to put on some of Emory's summer clothes to see if they fit, but she decided that she wanted to do it. She said, "I do it ma-self." I have no idea where she learned that, but it was SO cute! I'm sure I'll get tired of hearing that pretty quickly, but I couldn't stop laughing as she kept repeating it! 

She thought she was so cute and funny because I was laughing so much! 

More outside play time! 

Obsessed with cups and ice! 

She was jumping and saying, "TA DA!" Love her little personality so much! 

Another picture of "I do it ma-self!" Haha! 

Thank you, Jesus, for this lovely March weather! We are so grateful!